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Global Fascist Dictatorship
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Edited Oct 07, 2010, 08:26
Re: Zephiloyd
Oct 07, 2010, 08:15
zephiloyd wrote:
I do not deny the holocaust, but I do question the figure six million, there is simply no evidence for it, it was more like one or two. However, due to your programming, you probably want me imprisoned for saying that.

Again you deny the death of millions of innocent people then casually pluck a couple of arbitrary multiples of one million (with absolutely no evidence yourself) to justify your argument in a flippant manner I find vile and repugnant.

Again you get personal and label me as some kind of infidel to your enlightened ways. Though I suspect "due to your programming" you don't realise how patronising and blinkered you sound.

zephiloyd wrote:
It is very complex at the top of the pyramid, due to the secrecy it is difficult to know the facts, but The Jesuits, gods soldiers, answering only to The Black Pope, appear to be near the summit. There are numerous interlocking secret societies around the world, but it is thought that there are only 13 families which rule the world. Above them research indicates that it goes into central Earth, to the group soul of lucifer, Earth is hollow and inhabited by other beings, tribal people's history confirms this, as do the writings of Freemasons, Tolkein, C S Lewis and Lewis Carroll. See how it fits? The freemasons know secrets about the world, and some, like the above expose it through children's literature. There are entrances at the north and south pole, and the aurora borealis is the cenral sun interacting with our atmosphere. Then right at the very top, seems to be the council of nine who live in/on Saturn, and probably some sort of god after that.

Wow I can't wait to tell my family that all the books we've been reading aren't FANTASY at all!

zephiloyd wrote:
You talk about solid evidence based on Fact. Unfortunately the supposed fact offered by the mainstream is full of holes, yet we are supposed to accept that as the fact. Mainstream history never documents the real power behind these puppet leaders, ie. the funders, it makes you believe that it is random. It isn't, they keep secrets that they don't want you to know, via compartmentalisation of the scholars and the restriction of valid reading. You just haven't spent as much time as I have doing this.

Yes FACT, TRUTH, ie what a good proportion of the readers on this subforum and the rest of the forums on Julian's site are searching for in their own different ways. You don't know me from Adam however you claim some sort of faux-intellectual superiority to me because you've spent more time "researching" hidden history and conspiracy THEORIES. Believe it or not I do know a little bit about the differences between official mainstream history and what "they" don't want to tell us and I do actually have the ability to make my OWN judgement on what I believe and don't believe when rationally presented with the evidence. However this evangeliscising you've brought to the forum is clearly just as one sided as that delivered by our global media, you offer no solid evidence for any of these claims yet have made some of the most offensive comments I've ever read in here clearly without any regard for anyone else on the forum but yourself.

Anyway I hope this grasp of the real hidden truths you claim to have means you sleep easier at night than the rest of us in the herd. Okay, I'm going to get back to burying my head in the sand and enjoy the rest of my day, trees, fresh air and sunshine beckons.
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