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Global Fascist Dictatorship
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Re: Global Fascist Dictatorship
Oct 05, 2010, 02:11
mingtp wrote:
Zephiloyd, I say this in good humour with good intention because I once thought similarly:

1. You are preaching, whilst not to the choir, but to a forum inhabited by pretty switched on people. But, preaching you are.

I've read around the forum and no, you are not switched on to the material I speak of

mingtp wrote:

2. You may not know it yet, but you are in danger of becoming crippled by paranoia. Yes, we all know that global power elites exist and that they do nasty stuff, but most conspiracy theories are not "truth" - did you know that one of the signs of psychotic thinking is the drawing of sweeping conclusions from limited evidence? If you start to see connections everywhere, it's time to lay off the weed. Trust me.

Crap! Most conspiracy theories are true. Limited evidence? The evidence I have seen, re-asserts the conspiracies over and over. I have tried to debunk it but I cannot. I spend 4 hours a day, researching this, I could spend all day, and would not have enough time. I have been doing it for a year. The wealth of evidence is overwhelming. I am actively involved in a growing local group, attempting to educate local people about the fluoride scam, the vaccine scam and the money scam.

Do you know that, after investigating the evidence, 1200 architects and engineers do not believe the offical story of 9/11, and many of the families of the dead do not either.

I don't smoke weed
mingtp wrote:

3. David Icke is a cunt. Here's why: he makes money from selling delusions (lizards? pur-lease) to vulnerable people. And he's an anti-Semite. I saw the thread title you posted and thought, "could be a giggle" but switched off the moment you cited David Icke. He's a cunt as much as George W. Bush is a cunt. Only without the body-count.

Your attitude to the lizards, simply re-inforces the notion that you haven't spent time researching this because it does not conform to your existing thought process. It is so easy to be collectivist and form group mentality over seemingly wayward ideas and mock them without further research. Indigineous population's history throughout the world all talk of lizard gods. He has written books on the subject and you think a one sentence dismisal is adequate, please don't insult me. You have no idea what is round the corner have you? Do you realise that the final leg of the Mayan Calendar, which was given to the Mayan's by Quetzalcoatl, a Reptillian God, begins in 4 months and finishes in a year, marking the end of creation. the calendar began 5125 years ago. These are incredible times, and some amazing stuff is about to happen, but it is sad that JC doesn't talk about this stuff.

David Icke is an anti-semetic!

that is pathetic. Who sold you that view? As I have already said there is an active campaign against conspiracy threorists in every mainstream outlet. So they say things like "he is an anti-semitic, because when he says Reptilians, he really means Jews" and you go, "gosh, well I had better not go there, these are decent well intentioned people, I believe that therefore he should be ignored, he is mad, and he thinks he is the son of god, and is an anti-semite". You speak as though I had not heard that view before, you may as well be any mainstream media writer, I thought better of a JC fan. this is a tiresome predictable stereotypical uninformed response.

I know! try reading his books, try listening to his many talks on youtube, I bet you didn't know he was actively involved in exposing the establishment's paedophile rings which the media have covered up. The biggest story of the year is the Hollie Greg scandal, but I bet none of you have even heard of her.

So far I am unimpressed by the responses. Has anybody watched the material I have posted? All of it is proveable!

Visit the David Icke forum or Alex Jones' PrisonPlanet forum for real info and debate.
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