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Global Fascist Dictatorship
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grufty jim
grufty jim
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Edited Oct 07, 2010, 11:27
Re: Global Fascist Dictatorship
Oct 07, 2010, 00:06
I'm afraid you've lost me, zephiloyd. And given that I was probably more willing than most board members to give you the benefit of the doubt, that doesn't bode well for your chances of convincing any of us that you're on to something. If you're wondering... it was your decision to play the "Zionist bogeyman" card -- along with your spectacular misreading of William Blake -- that alienated me.

That, and the fact that you're making statements that are demonstrably untrue. You demand people "research" your claims, but you appear to either be parroting nonsense that you've read without researching, or else are deliberately spouting bullshit.

A couple of examples...

zephiloyd wrote:
The word Nazi stands for National Zionism...

No it doesn't. The word is an abbreviation of Nationalsozialismus or "National Socialism". You insist you have facts on your side? Then please provide one single example (just one) of Third Reich regalia, official paperwork or other documentation that demonstrates Adolf Hitler led a party called National Zionismus. Hint: it doesn't exist. Because he didn't (and an unreferenced photo of an old bloke who looks a bit like Hitler doesn't actually prove anything at all).

zephiloyd wrote:
The 2012 Olympics is hugely signifant, every street surrounding it has a biblical name...

Honestly man, how much time did you spend researching this absurd claim? Three minutes on Google Maps confirms it's just not true.

I'm assuming when you say "biblical name", you mean a name that actually appears in the bible, right? Well, the stadium is on Marshgate Lane. The word "Marshgate" does not appear in the bible (the word "Lane" does, but that's hardly what you meant). Other roads directly adjoining the site include... Pudding Mill Lane, Warton Road, Bridgewater Road, Dace Road, Cooks Road, Barbers Road, Sugar House Lane, plus the wonderfully named Knobshill Road.

I know that part of East London pretty well, and I'm not denying that some of the streets might have names that include words which appear in the bible, but to state that "every street surrounding it has a biblical name" is just wrong. So much for your well-researched "facts".

zephiloyd wrote:
At least months solid research on the net is required before you be confident in dismissing this stuff due to the amount of material required to view due to the extent of the deception.

I spent much of my early 20s immersed in outlandish conspiracy theories (though I'd like to state for the record that the Zionist / borderline anti-semitic crap we've had on this thread was never part of my worldview). This is why I initially felt empathy with you (up until you started in with the holocaust-revisionism which I just have no time for). So don't tell me I need to spend "at least a month"... I spent several years steeped in this stuff.

And when you say that "20 years ago, there was very little information available about conspiracy", you are either betraying your youth or your ignorance (or both). First of all, it may come as news to you, but the internet didn't start with the web. Usenet groups have been around for thirty years (and the conspiracy bulletin boards were hopping in the late 80s / early 90s let me tell you... ah, those were the days; I recall upgrading from a 2400 baud to a 9600 baud modem and thinking I'd never need a faster connection). Beyond that, before the web we also had a quaint little resource called "books". And more importantly (with regard to conspiracy subcultures) we also had a thriving zine scene.

My own obsessions were the JFK assassination and UFO conspiracies (which I found plenty of ways to fuse together). In the late 80s I put together a short-lived (2 issues) zine called "Relics". Nothing to do with the Pink Floyd album. It was dedicated to the Roswell crash and subsequent weirdness (and in the unlikely event that anyone reading this has a copy of either issue lying around, I'll pay good money for it). In the early 90s, another zine I ran (Postcards from Murmansk) had a conspiracy slant, and one issue was pretty much devoted entirely to the UFO "cover up".

(hey folks, I was doing a lot of LSD at the time, so cut me some slack!)

And the conspiracy zine scene was massive. The internet is a remarkable thing, but please don't try to imply that people had no way of disseminating information before its advent. Nor that any of this stuff is new (though it may be new to you).

Anyway, I had intended to engage with you on this issue; to understand where you're coming from and to try to explain my position (as someone who once got heavily wrapped up with conspiracy theories, but have since untangled myself -- mostly). But in the meantime you filled the thread with some rather dodgy stuff, and have made it clear that you wish only to promote an agenda and have no interest in listening to other views. There's a quasi-religious zeal to your tone that suggests it'll be a while yet before you're capable of examining this subject from more than one perspective.

I didn't think some of the abuse you received at first was warranted (and I stand by that... you were being insulted before you earned it). However, your subsequent posts about the holocaust have completely merited the outrage and contempt they received. I don't think you'll get much more than antagonism on this board, so you may wish to either reconsider the kinds of things you post here, or else move on to a forum where your views don't make you an outcast.
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