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Global Fascist Dictatorship
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Moon Cat
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Re: Global Fascist Dictatorship
Aug 23, 2013, 00:47
zephiloyd wrote:
Moon Cat wrote:
zephiloyd wrote:
Moon Cat wrote:
zephiloyd wrote:
and the same can be said about that comment. You are parroting a programmed MSM response. This robotic response of "lizard" to the mention of Icke isnt a triumph of wit, it is how they get you to avoid finding truth and to limit your curiosity

In order to get a sense of balance I spent a considerable amount of time browsing David Icke's website yesterday which is, I presume, a reasonably reliable and fair source for all things Icke? Basically, there are hundreds, if not thousands of references to his 'reptilian' chums and countless ads and plugs for his books and dvds - books costing £20 a pop! - and also plugs for one Gareth Icke's album & music who is...er David's son and seems to specialise in a kind of Coldplay/Travis MOR brand of sub-singersongwritery glop with vague lyrics extorting us to 'rise up' and to 'glow' and so on. Plus, a few bits of a videos watching a fairly paranoid looking man try and crowbar his 'prophecies' into things that have happened...or not. The world not actually ending in 1997, for example, doesn't seem to get much analysis.

So, way to bring down The Man and the Capitalist World order people....spend lots and LOTS of money on Dave's products and take back what's ours!

try the news forum, where you get real news, The Reptillian thing is a fringe issue rarely mentioned here.


By the way, Princess Di said that the Royal family were lizards, and that they were planning to kill her in a car crash

Seriously - and this is the last time I am indulging your bug eyed lunacy and bollock stroking troll fetish - How mind-shatteringly easy would it be to prove beyond reasonable doubt, the Lizard thing? Seriously? If you wanted the world to see what you 'see'? It would be so easy a fucking drooling salamander could do it. Mr Icke....nada. So go on, then SHOW US! All you have to do is attack one on in a public place. Luz a bomb or something. SHOW US THE LIZARDS!!! Or, is that just what THEY WANT YOU TO THINK?!!!! Glarp phleeeee poing gzaaapppp PHOOOOO Arooooga!!!!

Do you even know what the "lizard thing" is? No you don't, you just assume you do, because you have absorbed some propaganda hit piece, designed to make it look crazy.

Reptillian creatures came to earth thousands of years ago and bred with humans. Their offspring were put into positions of power, they became the Pharoahs of Egypt, and later the Royal Familes. The Presidents of the US are all related to the European Royal Familes. On his travels David Icke met with indigineous peoples' tribal leaders, who talk of this in their history from different parts of the world, and many who have encountered Reptillian creatures in the DUMBS located under the Earth, you can see the interviews on youtube. The Royal Families are obsessed with maintaining the bloodline in order to preserve the Reptillian strain, which is why they are inbred. They have Reptillian symbolism littered throughout their history, such as this recent unearthing.


George and the dragon, and the snake in Adam and Eve, were human encounters with these creatures which eneterd into our history. The books go into much more detail.

Seriously, was Scientology just not POING! enough for you?

Well, if it's on YoutUbe it must be true! Do you not see, you foolish lizard slurper, that you accuse and accuse and accuse - always the paranoid delusional, narcissists weapon BTW, finger pointing - one and all for being 'sheep' and yet you hopelessly buy into this absolute farrago of a mess of lazily co-opted symbolism and piss poor hashed out mind drool which somehow makes you elevated and RIGHT! Gosh, there have been lizards and dragons in art and scripture and lore for aeons, does that not mean something? Yes it does! Symbolism and metaphor inspired by nature and landscape, flora and fauna! Traits of human expression that have been round since thoughts started flying around.

Over and out from me to you. Have fun with Dave (Buy mY BOOKS) and the scaly ones.
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