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Global Fascist Dictatorship
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Re: Zephiloyd
Oct 06, 2010, 16:07
zerkalo wrote:
zephiloyd wrote:

The word Nazi stands for National Zionism, the Nazis purpose was to create the state of Israel, by killing the Jews who did not agree with Zionism, this would then be used as a politcal weapon to establish the state of Israel. After the war, Hitler escaped to Argentina and the Nazis set up camp in the secret societies in the USA.

Oh it didn't take long for you to wheel out the International Jewish conspiracy did it, now you're showing your true colours. To suggest that a group of people would engineer the genocide of their own kind to establish their nationstate is beyond ridiculous and quite possibly the most offensive thing I've seen posted on the internet for a long long time.

Next you'll be telling us Ed Milliband is being groomed as a future leader in this upcoming Zionist One World Government given his Jewish roots and Harvard education (skull and bones?). Like someone said earlier the tendency for an individual to form conclusions based on little tit bits of circumstantial information rather than FACT is a sure sign of deep seated paranoia

A short word of advice, you are posting on a public forum for all to see, your comments concerning the Holocaust are deeply offensive and at face value are anti-semitic despite your earlier protestations of you yourself not being. I'll be watching this thread carefully and any other comments of that nature whether it is your personal view or just something you want to chuck in to embellish your arguments will be reported to the moderators on this site. We might get a little heated in here from time to time but on the whole most of us are decent level headed open minded and well read people who actually do know the difference between the hateful bullshit like you are preaching and genuine injustices.

Nice spin on what I said, sadly most people will believe your lying twisted propaganda.

So I am anti zionist, that makes me an anti semite, a simple equation you make in your head, due to your pre-programmed brainwashed belief system.

So I am against the evil tyrannical zionist neocons that run The US and Israel, and that makes me a bad person? In any case, they are still middle men, they are not the head of the conspiracy, the global conspiracy is Luciferian, that is the true belief system of those at the top.

How do you grapple with the concept that there are many Rabbis and Jewish people, who I support, who are also anti zionist?

I am keen to hear you answer that.
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