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Global Fascist Dictatorship
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Re: Zephiloyd
Aug 21, 2013, 11:37
Myers wrote:
zephiloyd wrote:
Anti semitism is a pathetic term used against those who are attempting to establish the truth. It no longer holds value as a psychological weapon. Your logic is totally flawed by your blind obedience to the narrative to which you have been indoctrinated.

This is what the liberal mind thinks: do not agree with the official version of the Holocaust, you are an anti-semite, and the worst person on earth. This is has no bearing on reality, you just believe it has because you have been told to think like that.

Just because I find out that Nazis and Zionists were teamed up to forge Israel, does not mean agree with them killing Jews. You morons seeem to think that the anti-semitism comes first and the altered understanding of history comes next. NO!!!! I find out that we are being lied to by a collection of dispicable powerful individuals with an unswerving loyalty to Israel, and that these people from secret socieites have deliberately maunfactured lies throughout history to which the public are manipulated into believing, and they kill people who try to get the truth out. Are the people who run the world exclusively Jewish? NO. But there are a hell of a lot of very powerful Zionist Jews, and do you think they care more about fellow Jews than that racist apartheid shit-hole, Israel. No, they certianly do not. Do I care about Jews? Yes, actually I do, my best friend is a Jew, so fuck you


The OFFICIAL number of Jews gassed at Auschwitz was downgraded from 4 million to 1.5 million 25 years ago, however, the total number of Holocaust victims remains at 6 million. Dare question it? if you do you are an anti semite.

Can any of you authoritarain control freak lefties argue with me, without engaing in a personal attack, or must you simply all work together like the ADL or Southern Poverty Law Centre to stamp on the truth and blindly tiptoeing in totalitarianism

I challenge any of you to go to zioncrimefactorydotcom and click on 6million link, and read it, and feel the same afterwards.

I bet you daren't, afterall what would your friends think of you if you had to change your opinion on this subject? If only you had the guts to look for the truth.

where have you been for three years?

more to the point - shit, I've been on this site for three years!! what a three years that has been
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