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Re: Zephiloyd
Aug 21, 2013, 14:23
Myers wrote:
zephiloyd wrote:
Myers wrote:
[quote="zephiloyd"]and can you address my point?

I wasn't aware you had one....

tell me what it was, and I will..

The blind obedience of holohoax deniers


The OFFICIAL number of Jews gassed at Auschwitz was downgraded from 4 million to 1.5 million 25 years ago, however, the total number of Holocaust victims remains at 6 million despite the 2.5 million discrepancy. Dare question it? if you do you, are an anti semite. That is the mindset I am up against.

oh.. Maybe the lizards ate them.....

To be fair, I don't know - but I'm sure that a simple look around google will tell me why.

Are you saying that atrocity is purely defined by numbers? are you saying that, even if you are correct, that less deaths makes it somehow more acceptable?[/quote

Only from Wiki, but i'm busy

After the collapse of the Communist government in 1989, the plaque at Auschwitz State Museum was removed and the official death toll given as 1.1 million. Holocaust deniers have attempted to use this change as propaganda, in the words of the Nizkor Project:

Deniers often use the 'Four Million Variant' as a stepping stone to leap from an apparent contradiction to the idea that the Holocaust was a hoax, again perpetrated by a conspiracy. They hope to discredit historians by making them seem inconsistent. If they can't keep their numbers straight, their reasoning goes, how can we say that their evidence for the Holocaust is credible? One must wonder which historians they speak of, as most have been remarkably consistent in their estimates of a million or so dead ... Few (if any) historians ever believed the Museum's four million figure, having arrived at their own estimates independently. The museum's inflated figures were never part of the estimated five to six million Jews killed in the Holocaust, so there is no need to revise this figure
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