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Global Fascist Dictatorship
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Re: Global Fascist Dictatorship
Oct 04, 2010, 23:18
You're right. I 'm being unneccesarily rude, and I apologise.

So what is it that annoys me? I generally try to avoid belittling others, but I couldn't help but be sarcastic here.

Partly it's the implication that there's some hidden truth, and that I/We are too brainwashed to see it. That's pretty offensive don't you think? The video clip had several examples, such as the fox news/sheeple bit. So it winds me up every time. I felt the same way about the Loose Change thing.

Partly because I think it's utter rubbish, and any radical ideas get dismissed as tinfoil hat stuff, precisely because the radical analysis of society expressed by NWO conspiracists is then subverted into something that can be safely dismissed.

Is there an Elite within society? Well of course there is.

Do they have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo? Again, that's really just stating the obvious.

But to conflate this with some secret society of alien lizards or whatever is not a logical, rational position to take. Why would they bother? They have all the guns.
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