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Global Fascist Dictatorship
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Re: Global Fascist Dictatorship
Oct 09, 2010, 12:17
It is a bit bonkers that the Global Elite aren't powerful enough to stop people posting videos about them on YouTube

Years ago when I lived in Cornwall I met a guy (a wokmate of a mate) who always rambled on about a global elite, and he gave me a photocopy of a book that raised a lot of the same points raised here... I skimmed through it but it just came across as paranoia fuelled by hatred so I chucked it in the bin (recycling didn't really exist in those days). The guy who gave it to me was raised in a very christian home so he rebelled against that and became a Hare Krishna then he rebelled against that and became the conspiracy theorist that I met and the last I heard of him was that he'd tried to take his own life and consequently lived in a mental health hospital... all a bit sad and tragic, really
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