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Global Fascist Dictatorship
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Edited Oct 06, 2010, 22:45
Re: Zephiloyd
Oct 06, 2010, 22:45
zephiloyd wrote:
research indicates that it goes into central Earth, to the group soul of lucifer, Earth is hollow and inhabited by other beings, tribal people's history confirms this, as do the writings of Freemasons, Tolkein, C S Lewis and Lewis Carroll. See how it fits? The freemasons know secrets about the world, and some, like the above expose it through children's literature. There are entrances at the north and south pole, and the aurora borealis is the cenral sun interacting with our atmosphere. Then right at the very top, seems to be the council of nine who live in/on Saturn, and probably some sort of god after that.

The hatespeach is almost less frightening than the fact he believes that the "Earth is hollow and inhabited by other beings".
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