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Global Fascist Dictatorship
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Re: Global Fascist Dictatorship
Aug 22, 2013, 16:24
Captain Starlet wrote:
What I mean, which is actually painfully obvious, is that I can see the world for myself, unlike you I don't need to be spoonfed conspiracy theories and outlandish ideas to stop me thinking for myself.

how do you know you are thinking for yourself if you are being fed lies throught the MSM who have an agenda. It is easier to lie to somebody than to make them aware they are being lied to.

If you research it the official stories of all the terrorist events they do not stand up to scrutiny, as they are full of holes. Whistleblowers come forward and they are ignored or attacked by the msm. The terrorism is faked to justify the security and the taking away of rights. Recent events such as Boston and Sandy Hook were staged by crisis actors. The real Boston bombers were these guys, who thought they were part of the drill.


There is a drill at every false flag, so when something goes wrong they can use the drill as the cover

Under a barrage of propaganda how do you know you are not being driven into a totalitarian nightmare?

They have already got the future planned out for us under Agenda 21. most of us are to be killed with cancer causing agents, and other health problems, and war. The next generation are already being wiped out with vaccines which cause sterility, and abortion pushing. Racist Liberals, Planned parenthood have killed 50 million black babies in the US. When they have their world government, they are really going to drop the axe with their bioweapons facilities. The rest of us will be permitted to live in plannedopolis (google it), the shit future they have planned for us in 2040
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