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Global Fascist Dictatorship
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Re: Global Fascist Dictatorship
Oct 05, 2010, 00:16
helvellyn wrote:
You're right. I 'm being unneccesarily rude, and I apologise.

So what is it that annoys me? I generally try to avoid belittling others, but I couldn't help but be sarcastic here.

Partly it's the implication that there's some hidden truth, and that I/We are too brainwashed to see it. That's pretty offensive don't you think? The video clip had several examples, such as the fox news/sheeple bit. So it winds me up every time. I felt the same way about the Loose Change thing.

But its true, there is a hidden truth and that is what matters. I was brainwashed but I am now deprogrammed from the matrix. How is it possible to deprogramme somebody without informing them that they have been programmed? It is tough love.

It has already been proven that governments can hide secrets for decades. The gulf of Tonkin incident has now been declassified and exactly as the conspiracy theorists were saying at the time, it is now, on record, a staged government attack. This was the incident that began the Vietnam war. So if they can manage to keep this a secret for so long, what else can they hide?

33 conspiracies that turned out to be true


helvellyn wrote:

Partly because I think it's utter rubbish, and any radical ideas get dismissed as tinfoil hat stuff, precisely because the radical analysis of society expressed by NWO conspiracists is then subverted into something that can be safely dismissed.

Is there an Elite within society? Well of course there is.

Do they have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo? Again, that's really just stating the obvious.

But to conflate this with some secret society of alien lizards or whatever is not a logical, rational position to take. Why would they bother? They have all the guns.

You don't need to bring the lizards in.

The things is: They mean you harm!

They use staged terror as a reason to take over countries, and increase security at home. They take over the countries so they can instal a government manipulated by them, e.g. Iraq, Afghanistan, next: Iran. They increase security, ie. CONTROL so that the people cannot unite and rebel against the system, the police state will hammer them. If you protest the government, you can be taken away and locked up as a terrorist. The purpose of the terrorist laws is nothing to do with Muslims, it is being used throughout the west against their own citizens. They use phoney money generated by private banks to destroy countries, so that they can come in as the saviour and impose a global currency in an implantable microchip. the charter for the federal reserve ends in December 2012.

Learn about the fascist police at the G20 in Canada


They also mean to poison you and want you to die, because they want a smaller population, because they will be easier to manage in their world government.

Heard of the American Stonehenge?

The Georgia Guidestones were errected at a cost of $2 million, and prove their plan of population reduction by 95%


Vaccine Death Coverups

you will also be poisoned through the food

and the water

and via eco-fascism

via the codex alimentarious they are reclassifying vitamins and minerals as toxic and plan to outlaw growing your own food, they want you on GM produce.

All this info is backed up by government documents

You are dealing with Luciferians who have operated through high levels of freemasonry, their plan is centuries old. The 5 rings of the Olympic symbol represent the European, American, Asian, Austrilasian and African unions. Seperate branches of the world government. Their religion means that they have to tell the people what they are doing, they use symbolism to do this. 2012 is when they plan to have all this in place.

The info indicates Israel and Iran will be at war within 5 months, this will begin world war 3, unless we can expose them and slow them down. It is working but there is a lot of work to do. today AJ has manged to get the google trends No.1 and 2 positions again, with terror hysteria and october surprise terror. the info from credible sources indicate a fake terror attack within a month, many sources say it will be huge, possibly fake alien. Project Bluebean is a fake alien attack that will be used to centralise power.
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