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What is better than Capitalism?
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Re: War & Human nature
Sep 11, 2003, 01:55
morfe & the article linked to make many of the points i would do, but just a couple more.

notions of what human nature is have altered throughout history - the modern nuclear family, which we are sold as so natural now would have been incomprehensible to someone a couple of hundred years ago. if you restrict human natue to being 'human beings are somewhat competitive', then, that makes it pretty meaningless in fact, especially when you then say, there are plenty of examples of enlightened self-interest. given those two, it is perfectly possible to have a communist/anarchist society based upon equality and production for need. wanting to be better than someone else (or maybe better than you have ben yourself previously - personal bests are always something that athletes treasure, tho they would also obviouosly prefer the olympic gold) doesn't mean you want to shit on them. aslo, one can realise that by working together two or three people can achieve far more than they could alone. a society where cooperation is taken for granted (and individual isolation totally accepted, if thats what you really want) could, i think, achieve far more than a system where everyone must fight just for themselves. call that enlightened self-interest if you will, makes no odds, still works.

as to wars, i think throughout most of history they have been caused by the fact that there simply WASN'T enough to go round - which is largely not true today, its just the method of organisation. now they are about the need to control the worlds resoources/people by and large - a control that is taken by a tiny number of people, who try to control the world and its resources solely in their own interests.

bollocks, its far too late now...bed time....
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