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What is better than Capitalism?
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Re: A world without "money"
Sep 09, 2003, 13:49
part of the problem here, Dog, is that you seem to think that the abolition of money would happen tomorrow, at the click of someones fingers. Now if it were a simple diktat passed down from on high, then your criticisms would be quite fair. But I don't think anyone actually see's it happening like that.

most communists (ie those that seek the abolition of the state and money in its entirety, as opposed to those socialists who simply want to run the system a bit better) recognise that inb order to change the world, their needs to be a revolution. This is not simply becasue the current ruling-class will not hand over power without being forced to, it is because, as Marx put it, the working-class need to 'rid themselves of the muck of ages' - undergo a radical transformation in their selves, in their consciousness, and in their very being. And that can be achieved by the revolutionary process.

Also, money would not be immediately abolished for all things - but i would see it as likely that it was used for less and less things as we progressed. We dont need money to go the doctors now - but you dont find us going every day, just because its free. That would be silly. Likewise other services could be provided free almost immediately, as well as some goods, and as society progressed and developed, the list of free goods would grow, until finally everything was free.

Who is gonna clean the bogs? Day 1 - counter-revolutionary scum, Jimmy Tarbuck, IDS, Nick Griffin, Day 335678 we all are, in tunrs, either that or we'll have really clever machinery to do it for us.
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