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What is better than Capitalism?
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morfe lux
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Re: Nature
Sep 10, 2003, 23:19
"The idea that 1) systems are self-correcting (if the bus driver is a maniac he will crash the bus and kill himself, "problem solved")"

That's simplistic, and forgetting that the bus driver may only be there because he can afford to be there, and that his passengers will die also.

" and 2) that there is a "natural" competitive instinct among animals living in an environment with finite resources (which is always the case to some degree)"

Many capitalists argue that resources aren't finite and act according to their belief, not the actuality?

"and that 3) systems evolve as conditions change . . . are all based on a "natural" philosophy that sees humans as part of the "natural world", not separate from it."

Nuclear war would sort that one out! It only takes one madman to press the button, but it takes more 'quiet' people to allow the thing to be built.

I believe that human nature isn't wholly responsible for nuclear proliferation, paranoia and power politics are in contravention to so the'natural order', surely?
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