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What is better than Capitalism?
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morfe lux
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Sep 09, 2003, 15:41
Great post :-)

It's obvious (and I agree woth FW) that capitalism is also competition, it's also dependent upon creating a consumer culture, which is in my mind just plain wrong. But there's the rub, I don't actually see a way out apart from putting limits on production, which brings capitalism to it's knees. So what we need is a cultural revolution, the best I se are small reform, where we recycle, and use biodegradeable and renewable materials, but even that is too little, far, far too little. As for the 'free' world we keep hearing from the chimp's mouth... "Freedom, under capitalism, has only one meaning: freedom from the initiation of force by others." It neglects to mention that none of us are free from constant mind-altering doses of advertising, none of us are free to live where we like, it's all tied up in land ownership that goes back to the feudal times. One has to be a virtual slave for a half acre of land, working for someone who owns a . That to me isn't freedom. Oh it's easy to say (as capitalists do!) "well you can work for a place in the country, it's just hard work", well it's NOT just hard work, people with less aptitude for competition and doggedness tend to have to 'make the best of' whatever it is they can afford. And th economy dictates that ALTHOUGH a dustman's (I was a street cleaner many years ago I know what I'm talking about!) job is more important than the Queen's, and without him we would all be dying of diseases, he gets paid a pittance and typically lives in council accomodation, whilst Tarquin Fuckpump's has a stonkingly beauiful, peaceful place in the suburbs where he can invite his backscratchers round. That's competition, the jocks generally win. I ranted. I'm sorry :-(
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