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What is better than Capitalism?
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the 'system'
Sep 11, 2003, 01:47
"if you don't like the choices people make, then that is basically a problem with humanity itself, not caused by some anthropromorphized boogeyman "system."
on one level this is, of course, right. 'men make history, but not in circumstances of their own choosing', as the old man said, in those days before the need to gender balance every statement.
however, it also missses a point, that within a society where economic and political decisions are overwhelmingly determined by the need to sustain a capitalist model, there IS are rules that can seemingly not be broken - what adam smith called the 'invisible hand'.
so, as i stated elsewhere, ALL capitalists are basically driven to accumulate accumulate capital in order to keep up with their competitors, they are forced to try to keep wages as low s they can (even if that is often fairly high) because if they dont, their competitors will, and will drive them out of nusiness.

i dont know if you have ever been in a company thats made people redundant, but if you have you will very probably have heard the managers say, when announcing the redundancies, something like "i'm really sorry to have to do this, it's not what we want, but the market determines, blah blah blah"
the idea that 'the market' cannot be bucked is rampant - even if it is obvious bollocks.

of course, ultimately, we have the power and ability to change this, but that does require changing the economic system, to do which requires shaking off and rejecting vast chunks of everything we have been taught is 'natural' - not an easy task by any means, when pretty much everything is geared up to mainitaining the status quo, and dividing those that can change the system so that they fight and blame one another (the french, the yanks, the blacks, who/whatever)

hmm, getting late and my ability to make sensse is rapidly diminishing.....
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