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What is better than Capitalism?
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3rd world birth rates
Sep 10, 2003, 11:02
"Of course most of the babies being born live in the "third world" where birth rates are very high (for cultural reasons) "

totally and utterly wrong. they are not high for 'cultural reasons' (what cultuiral reasons? is there a bit i've missed in the koran/bhagavad gita/whatever that says 'go forth and fuck like rabbits, we will outbreed our enemies'? I think not - or at least no stronger a statement than can be found in the bible')

High birth rates are - as they always have been - due overwhelmingly to poverty. Just as they were in Britain and all across western eurpoe one or two hundred years ago. large families are necessary so that hteir are lots of children to look after the parents in old age. Most of the youngsters will be practically self-sufficient (in terms of earning more than they cost) by the age of 5! assuming they libve that long of course - another reason for large families, the tragedy of early death
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