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What is better than Capitalism?
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morfe lux
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moral concerns
Sep 08, 2003, 20:51
I agree with your analysis completely. That's why I get (toatally guilty of this myself) angry with 'lazy protesting' that attacks 'capitalism' without any alternative, or in some cases any sound argument. I was hoping this discussion would spawn several threads as I'm aware my question was as broad brushed as can be. That wasn't laziness though, it was a kick-off. I'd love to be able to discuss these issues that face us right here right now, without either getting Baker-Acted off a socialist board or brayed off a capitalist one (I'd beat the lot of 'em in truth!!). This is the best place I know of. Thanks for comments.

Capitalism can be seen to encourage immorality (greed being the obvious). But d we actually support a system (imaginary or otherwise) that would 'regulate' our earnings? Or does anyone advocate a complete meritocracy? Or does anyone here advocate a 'token' or credit system that would bypass money changing hands? Just ideas...
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