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What is better than Capitalism?
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Re: What is better than Capitalism?
Sep 08, 2003, 22:44
I finished trawling through "The Sane Society" by Erich Fromm earlier this year, which asks and attempts to put forward answers to this kind of question.
It was written a relatively long time ago (1950s) so examples/references are a bit outdated but the 2nd half of the book looks into various alternatives, though they fall more into the "reformist" bracket rather than anythin too radical.

One of Fromm's often repeated points is that (as AQK says) "capitalism is concerned with purely the making of more and more capital". It gives more importance to dead "things" over living "people" (in a king Midas stylee...) To have or to BE indeed!

The word "Free trade" is all very contentious, especially when those who espouse it don't actually practice what they preach (re:subsidies/tariffs/protectionism by the "West")

There's a Trade pullout thing in the guardian here today, with an intro by Joseph Stiglitz. Anyone check out the new Monbiot book btw??
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