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What is better than Capitalism?
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Dog 3000
Dog 3000
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Re: Technology!
Sep 10, 2003, 20:31
Hey I never said people were ALL bad. ;-)

There is also an argument to be made that collective work benefits the individual. "Individuals" do want to have friends and loved ones and a sense of community after all.

Again, I think it boils down to pessimism vs. optimism -- I'm optimistic that our better impulses will trump our worse impulses in the long run. Not always in every case, but enough to keep us from extinction. If I'm wrong Mama will take care of it, she always does.

What I disagree with is trying to force a new "system" on people. It is better to let things evolve driven by individual and collective choices. I am skeptical of "social engineering" because there are always unintended consequences.

"Collectivization" in communist countries is a good example -- the goal was to make everything equitable and provide for everyone. The result was usually massive starvation. More than 20 million died in China when Mao "collectivized" and called for "cultural revolution" -- China only began to be able to feed itself after Deng's market reforms.
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