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What is better than Capitalism?
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Re: Technology!
Sep 09, 2003, 22:12
Association of Plastics Manufacturers in Europe? you're shitting me rite? i happen to live down river from a major plastic/chemical plant, although they have NOTHING to do with the fact that the water is unpotable, and the city has the highest incident rate of cancer in the mid-atlantic... rite...

from what i have been able to surmise (from folks i figure know what they are talking about) everything thats gonna be found, has been found... http://www.dieoff.org/#oildepletion

...and yes i've seen hybryd vehicles... both of them... did you see the teaming masses exiting manhattan perhaps?... no segways... no hybryds... i certainly salute your optomistic attitude, but saddly i don't share your pov, which is fine, that's wot it's awl about... i just don't see 300 millon people suddenly realizing that we need to change our ways... and i don't see the politicians letting on nor do i see the corporate oil folks telling it like it is... thunderdome here we come... that's of course if we don't involk any of the other impending ecological disasters that we're flirting with...

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