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What is better than Capitalism?
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Dog 3000
Dog 3000
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Re: Marx again
Sep 10, 2003, 19:45
First of all zoning laws and housing council permission are a lot closer to socialism than capitalism . . . that's the govt regulating your "freedoms" "for your own good."

Second, again it's not "the capitalist system" that has you living in a box etc. it's more a factor of population density and the technology that makes our population possible. Everyone simply can't be self-sufficient living in the country, because there isn't enough "country" to go around. This would be true no matter what "system" was in place. Land is the only truly finite resource.

And the only ways to get enough land for everyone to live the idyllic dream lifestyle are: 1) kill a lot of people, or 2) migrate off the planet.

I suppose there is a third way, involving slowing population growth until it peaks and then starts to decline. In such a scenario population continues to grow (to say 20 billion?) then it would fall off through death rates being higher than birth rates until it reached a sustainable level (though the effect on culture and economy would probably be catastrophic.)

In fact that's the theme of one of the first Sci-Fi novels (human birthrate falls to near zero), I forget the author (think he was Czech?) -- title is "Rostum's Robots" or something like that.
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