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What is better than Capitalism?
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o bugger, another final point
Sep 10, 2003, 10:51
knew i'd forget summat

one of the points marx wrote about capitalism was how it was (as i think i've said elsewhere in this thread) constantly revolutionising the means of production, creating new and innnovative commodities. The problem is (or at least, one of the problems is) that these commodities are not created for human need, but for individual/company/state profits. so we get cool things like the net or (arguably) playstations etc, but at what freaking cost? and who really benefits?

in a society where the mahjority of the population (what nmight be called the working-class) are actually in control for the first time we can produce things based on self-identidfied NEED. We have the materials and technology today to provide everyone in this country with a decent education, home, health, basic security. On a world scale there is much more than enough food to feed the planet, wealth redistribution would save millions of lives a year, the wiping out of appaling, but SIMPLE, diseases like measles are very very easilly achievable. But they dont happen. Why? because of the profit system. Ther is no proifit in doing so, so fuck it, let em die.

It is a sick, evil systewm ,that means all but a very very lucky few get absolute shite all the time. It very very simply does not work, and needs to be changed.
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