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What is better than Capitalism?
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marx & the internet
Sep 10, 2003, 09:58
"Marx would have called the Internet a tool of the ruling class. The circus part of "bread and circuses" at best."

now i'm sorry but this quote shows you understand nothing of marxism. yes he would have said it was a tool of the r-c at the moment (which it is, in case you hadnt noticed, it's major function was to allow governments to have communications post nuclear war, it is still mainly used for official business and commerce), but it is clearly a massive technological advance which marxists welcome. You know, thats rather the point abpout marxism, as oppossed to some kind of zen anarchism, we dont want any of this 'back to nature' crap, we want to explore and exploit (in a sustainable way of course) the resources technology and abilities of this planet and its occupants. So the interent is cool - or would be if it was really in the 'right hands'

shit, boss back again...wish they'd just bloody well sit still.....
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