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What is better than Capitalism?
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morfe lux
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Sep 10, 2003, 20:37
I argue that taht many people wopuldn't be eating that many hamburgers if it wasn't marketed as aggressivelyas Hitler's fucking Third Reich was. They even take opened a Mc Donald's school, the cynical SHITS! I get carried away with this whole "spend gazillions to create a lazy culture consumer" and then blame the culture not the advertising. I don't believe this 'people get what the people want'. Psychological norms dictate that people respond readily to what they are accustomed to. Big business knows full well that the only thing left to do is make it all so commonplace we cannot imagine life before the Big Gold M. Well I was around in the UK in 1972 and it was no big deal. those weren't the good old days, they were just a few years ago, and consumerism was gathering pace. It's the highly Romanized if you can't beat em join em. Thrw in a bit of "why would I want to beat it, i get Pizza and a movie for working 45 hours a week. I also get shoes thatmak me look socialy acceptable. Freedom of choice is taken away when we are trained from birth by advertising's social role modelling. it takes huge anmounts of mental energy and conflict to think outsode of the box, especially when so many dollars are invested to make the box appear to stretch forever (if you can afford it)
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