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What is better than Capitalism?
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morfe lux
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Re: What is better than Capitalism?
Sep 09, 2003, 03:24
You can't 'abrogate' finite resources, you can only adopt sustainability/renewabilty. I'm not so worried that we are going to suffer because of our voracity and dependence on oil, that's pretty much a foregone conclusion (where's Grufty Jim, anyone??), and I agree that the world population isn't something that capitalism is responsible for, but continuous growth and expansionist mentality IS likely to be a problem. What I am worried about is the race for consumerism (so far oil-fuelled for nearly a century) is a 'party' that has to stop. I believe that the inherent short-termism of market-led planning (which is a bit of an oxymoron I agree) is going to meet it's maker (oil) on the way out and have nowhere to go? Sustainable energy cannot meet our current demand, nor will it, if the figures are correct. War for oil is an ever present fact and future likelihood in an economy built top heavy on that product alone?
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