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Re: Just messing.
Mar 09, 2013, 23:34
bladup wrote:
But when you see them all in partnership with their respective settlements you see the whole picture and see how connected they were with the settlements, near you Nine stones close is a good example neolithic/early bronze age stone circle with the oval settlement of the same age in between the stride and rowtor, the stone circle served that community, often we're just left with the big stone monuments and the slighter settlement sites have long since been ploughed out, when the settlements are still there you see the whole picture and the monument stops been a stand alone thing and becomes part of that settlement, in fact it's the most important structure of that settlement, go on admit it, i'm changing our mind a little already : > }=[

I'll accept smaller circles, cairns and standing stones may have been family or community affairs, but you'll never convince me the larger structures were built by communities for the love of some philanthropic leader Paul. In my eyes since farming began it's all been about money, or at least payment in kind/ barter etc. Hope this doesn't take this off on too much of a tangent but if you're under the impression things were different then i'd love to see any factually accepted evidence for such.
I've a love/hate relationship with our ancestors, it all sound idyllic, but then consider the slash and burn land clearing, the planets problems started with our ancestors, of that there's little doubt. ;)
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