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Trethevy Quoit in danger
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Edited Mar 03, 2013, 19:23
Re: Trethevy Quoit in danger
Mar 03, 2013, 17:43
Sanctuary wrote:
bladup wrote:
VBB wrote:
Sanctuary wrote:
harestonesdown wrote:
Littlestone wrote:
tiompan wrote:
It's not an exercise in common sense building , it's a portal tomb .

Surely you’re not suggesting the (original) builders would choose a less stable construction over a more stable one? We’re talking about a people who knew their materials and understood the properties and limitations of those materials inside out. The fact that the structures have survived so long is proof positive of that.

If anyone doubts Sanctuary's findings at Trethevy they should watch his latest DVD.

Youtube link ?

Frayed knot Geoff. Nobody would need to buy the book if I did that. I said earlier it wasn't for sale. Still good though :-)

Not quoit then?

Whenever i'm at Trethevy i'm always disappointed with the backstone laid in the chamber, it would be great if they just lifted that one back up so you could at least sit in the chamber [if you can get in it's original little entrance, like you do at zennor and Chun] and not be on top of the fallen stone that covers most of the floor inside.

The EH engineer I met there was dead set against moving it. On the one hand the quoit was secure, on the other, 'No way could that be moved in case it disturbed the structure". If it moves again (the front closure) they will consider supporting the nearly prostrate stone (not a backstone IMO) in the chamber by forming a framework underneath it to stop it applying pressure to the front closure as it is now!
I cringe every time I see a family with kids pile in on top of that stone to have the family photo taken. If it came down they'd be flatter than Shrove Tuesdays pancakes :-)

It sounds like they fed you a load of shit, but i think you know that already, it's either safe or it isn't, if you moved the flat stone and by doing so that makes it unsafe then it's unsafe anyway [they can't have both - safe and unsafe], even i can see that you should be able to lift the fallen stone without effecting anything else, look at postmans photo from the other week showing the whole fallen stone, it doesn't even really touch any of the other stones [maybe just the one on the left in the photo] and none are using it for support, so this is just them lying to the amateurs who know fuck all in their minds, did you feel patronized? what with their greater knowledge and all that it's very hard for them not to, I mean to them what could we know eh...and if someone did get squashed at least they'd already be in a burial chamber:>]
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