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Trethevy Quoit in danger
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Edited Mar 08, 2013, 22:34
Re: Trethevy Quoit in danger
Mar 08, 2013, 22:32
harestonesdown wrote:
bladup wrote:
It's done really well to stay on Trethevy hasn't it? I myself was talking about Zennor earlier, it didn't even cross my mind to start a new thread because it was still about quoits but to others it may be going off topic, peoples opinions are so different on everything, and there's that many rules/do's and don'ts in this forum to keep up with them all, I mean i got into trouble yesterday for saying ladies not woman but in lincolnshire the lasses are happy to be called Ladies but don't like woman so much, clearly to others it's the other way around, how are people supposed to know what will upset an individual, would you think the word Ladies could be insulting? because it isn't where i come from.

To try and quickly answer this so we can move on :)
From my vague memory it wasn't about the word "ladies" Paul but the suggestion ladies/woman would be any more upset than a fella, sort of suggesting women are weaker, sort of.

Now MOVING ON, About these quoits ? :)

but i said it because it was woman talking to me, if it was men i would have said fella's, it was nothing to do with anyone being weaker in any way, although i'm sure i would beat them at an arm wrestle though : > } right like you said moving on - well one last question how can you know you won't upset someone on here when what's alright in one part of the country isn't alright in another? eg me and a friend in the 80's got chased out a shop on the south coast for saying "Tar duck" when she handed me the change, she started shouting "i'm no duck" and tried hitting us with a broom stick, yet as you know it's common around where we come from.
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