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Trethevy Quoit in danger
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Edited Mar 01, 2013, 20:10
Re: Trethevy Quoit in danger
Mar 01, 2013, 20:09
Sanctuary wrote:
bladup wrote:
Sanctuary wrote:
bladup wrote:
Littlestone wrote:
Sanctuary wrote:
...I wonder if he can then erect a solid fence around the quoit (being his land) just leaving an entrance for the public to enter? It would preserve the monument from the horses but be pretty dull to look at wouldn't it.

A six foot exclusion zone really isn’t big enough is it, and a fence around an area that small would be an eyesore. The exclusion zone would need to be increased to what? 50 foot? before a fence at that distance no longer impinged visually on the monument. Wouldn’t need to be a fence either, a hawthorn hedge with a gate in it would do the trick. Have a grassed area between the quoit and the hedge, a couple of benches there maybe, and suddenly it’s a place of wonder and respect for the monument (and the people who made it) instead of the muck and chaos that surrounds it now.

Just a vision, a little money and the will to make it happen...

And get rid of that horrible row of houses right next to it as well, it's a great place but they are very depressing, because of those give me Zennor/Mulfra or Chun's position anyday, This chat always gives me a horrible thought - that Trethevy is going to fall around the same time that The Giant's quoit gets put back up, bloody hope not.

I'm planning to go to the Giant's House exhibition and archaeo talk at The Cornwall Centre, Redruth on the 7th March Paul.

It's worried me how it's gone very quickly from "we're going to put it back up" to "we're hopefully going to put it back up if we can raise the money", I thought they had the money from lottery funding for the whole reconstruction, now it looks like they only had it for the work so far, Hopefully at the exhibition you can find out what the situation is.

It's a bit like the two circles on Emblance Down to be re-erected. Planned for this summer with the funding in place...now its IF the funding is still in place to put a FEW stones up!

It's a joke Roy, I've built 2 stone circles, one on my own and one with someone else, I did it all properly, I used packers and the stones didn't move even if you kicked or jumped on them, The council took one down with diggers because the person who came kicked one and flew back onto his arse [we were howling with laughter], he then tried pulling it out, it didn't move, he then went back to kicking it, it still didn't move, that's why they had to get a digger. The point being - they make something free and easy [we'd do it for free], very hard and expensive indeed.
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