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Trethevy Quoit in danger
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Re: Trethevy Quoit in danger
Feb 27, 2013, 21:11
bladup wrote:
Sanctuary wrote:
bladup wrote:
Sanctuary wrote:
thesweetcheat wrote:
It's a shame it's got worse since EH visited, but well done to you for getting them to take some action.

It would be terrible if it collapsed, although obviously you don't want to end up with either a Notgrove lump or a permanent fence immediately around the chamber (in my opinion).

I can't say too much more Alken due to the situation, but I know that the landowner is legally obliged to erect a 'fence' around the monument when stock is in the field no less that 6ft away from the bank. Clearly this has not been done. This is Cornwall's last surviving complete cromlech and it must be protected because it will fall one day if not cared for much more. If a sympathetic fence was erected around it at a reasonable distance away then so be it. I'd much prefer to see it standing there proudly then lying on the ground like a jigsaw puzzle waiting to be put back together!!

Don't you go dissing Chun : > }

No I shouldn't you're right but it's not in the same league is it and not a portal which I should have made clear!! :-)

It's not all about size Roy ! D } And Chun has 2 little portal stones, one's up and one's down, so therefore it is a little portal tomb.

I'm glad you mentioned that Paul because I discovered something about Trethevy along the same lines which you can read about in a couple of weeks :-
Don't start about size again cos Mustard will go on about being between a rock and a hard place :-)
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