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August Album of the Month
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cancer boy
cancer boy
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Re: Nats Album of the Month is........
Aug 04, 2003, 16:30
I had a disturbing dream about ABBA a few years back where they were performing a song (kind of a morphing hybrid of all their hits simultaneously) on some grainy 70s TV programme and Benny appeared really out of it, sweating bullets at the piano with his eyes rolling back in his head. He then fumbled about in the pockets of his lurex jumpsuit, pulling out and dropping a golden virginia tin which spilled open emptying his stash all over the stage. The camera then zoomed in on his face as he puked into his hands, and stayed there as he carried on happily lip synching with a beard full of diced carrots.

But try finding that in a "dream dictionary" - some nights I'm scared to go to sleep! Still love their music though, diced carrots notwithstanding.
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