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Re: Ohh Cope likes rock boo hoo poo poo
Aug 01, 2003, 22:35
Oooh, we wouldn't want to upset Mr Cope...oh come on!!!!! I'm sure he can take a little criticism. I come here (sorry to be in the way Holy!) to talk about decent music and things that are worth talking about.....and when someone - whose music taste i have admired and been interested to hear about in the past - starts reccommending Van Halen, Judas Priest and Big Ozzy, then i'm not gonna take it lying down - its time to re-educate the bugger! This is the guy who in the past has talked excitedly about Krautrock, Psychedelia, Garage etc etc, and is now waxing lyrical about crap heavy metal!!!!! AND how ANYONE (Holy McGrail!) can compare Brain Donor to Van fucking Halen, i don't know - so clean out your ears and listen again - fuckin hell!!!!

Ok, each to their own....listen to what you want to....thats what i have always done...but as Stray suggests, maybe its a mid life crisis thats making him reccommend this crap. I always thought that Copey was a sane man playing a loony, but now i get the feeling he's finally flipped!

No more of the bum lick crap Moon Cat.....i come here cos i like it, and i have an opinion...big deal!
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