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Holy McGrail
Holy McGrail
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Re: yeah well
Aug 02, 2003, 13:03
Stray, my apologies for getting extremely personal about this, but I'm just completely sick of ninnying negativity across this whole site. Couldn't care less if you think Van Halen suck big ones or not, there's no need for anyone to get disrespectful about it. Most of the time people just ignore the LP of the Month or - worse still - ignore the musical content in favour of being able to focus on some potential 'unrighteous' aspect of the band being discussed (e.g. Waldteufel), and time and time again the music itself is shunned for fear of some intellectual 'erm, I'm not actually sure if, culturally, I'm allowed to enjoy listening to this' black hole.

It's really not about whether or not you dig the music but to shoot the messenger down in flames is out of order, I feel. Fucking hell, I only spend about 2 hours a month preparing the LP of the Month page & audio and *I'M* pissed off at those reactions, can't imagine how Julian would feel having written the darn thing. Quite why you couldn't just ignore it - like you did, say, almost every other LP of the month piece ever written for this site - I don't know.

> Everything I say is tongue in cheek here

So what, you actually like Van Halen? Right, I get you. Irony, is it? Oh ha ha ha. Brilliant. "You really got me" there, fella.

Bloody hell, what a waste of time everyone's time this has been, then.
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