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Holy McGrail
Holy McGrail
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Re: yeah well
Aug 02, 2003, 13:43
Another fucking weekend of this kind of debate, great.

I take your point completely about me posting as webmaster appearing as some kind of thought police but I don't give a fuck what people think about whatever type of music - for the vast majority of time I stay out of Unsung because very little of the discussion interests me - but I do have a problem with this kind of reactionary bollocks.

Your example about your work is a great one. Yeah people might say, "Hmm no, I don't like that track" but if they listened to one of your tracks and said, "You're a fucking wanker" - to get that personal - your nose might be put out of joint a little more.

While the Unsung discussion is easily sustained on this site, the reviews section is not. As I'm sure you found contributing your own review, it's a big deal and a lot of effort. Heavy contributors like Julian and Seth Man (amongst a few others) - the guys who are injecting the real gnosis into this site - frequently get little or no reaction to their reviews on the forum and while it's not their raison d'etre, I'm sure they consquently don't need a great deal of reasons to not do it at all. And again, I'm not talking about whether or not you like the music they're reviewing. That's not my issue here at all.

Anyway you've apologised (or said you were being ironic (unless you were nesting your irony, of course)) for the personal comment and that's what I had the biggest problem with. Please slag Van Halen off until the cows come home.

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