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August Album of the Month
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Re: Albums of the Month Blues
Aug 04, 2003, 13:25
Very true...although getting hold of some of these albums is as much of trying spiritual journey as actually getting into the albums themselves...I ended up emailing Sunburned Hand of the Man's manager to ask where I could get a copy of it from (!) (Seems Rough Trade do stock em so that path to enlightenment is relatively simple).

But I've personally enjoyed all Julian's reviews and his knack for the finding freakiest fun out there is always funkin' fantastic. And regarding the Halen (if they were ever known by that name!):

I had a listen to it - and let it be known the only VH track I've ever heard is Jump, which is of course a piece of cock-pop genius -and it does rock...the freeform guitar slings and arrows could be summat off Raw Power and the live recording with it's meters in the red vibe only add to this. It's not the result of three year's in Real World studios recording the guitar parts a-string-at-a-time and this is a good thing. So perhaps some people's sheer terror of praising the Halen is more an unconscious bewilderment at having a rocknroll taboo so absolutely breached. Perhaps you thought VH was just too 'out-there' in it's popularity that it could never be embraced as righteous. It's too TABOO. It's rocknroll incest. This is just received wisdom - it's not truth (whatever that may be). I like the way our libertine Copey has shaken up the settled mud of rock criticism and dragged from the depths an apparently condemned piece of shit. What the fuck - at least it made you look. If the question of whether or not the Darkness are also shamanic angels come to rock you eternities is now a burning one in your brain then all the better for it. Much better to think that than to say, 'they're shit. Period. End of discussion. I'm not even entertaining the idea of magic, eternity or SOMETHING AMAZING'.

So there's my tuppence worth. Maybe I should have just it in the record machine. You know what mean? You know what I meeee-aaaannnnn?

So on another note Sunburned Hand of Man and Comets on Fire are featured in this month's Wire magazine? I think Copey's defintely having an effect. I remember when he started raving over AMT I couldn't find their albums anywhere but after few month's even HMV had a little section. And now with Comets and SHOFTM both their profiles are higher since JC dredged them out the mud. Of course I may just be more aware of em but whatever.

Ummm....well if you've made it this far thanks for reading!
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