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Aug 03, 2003, 22:32
Peoples taste in music is a personal thing. If you can't handle people saying what you like is shit, then don't fucking write reviews. You can hate everything I like, doesn't bother me. I'm sure the fact that a few people here fucking abhor Van Halen and cock rock in general isnt going to bother JC much. As holy said, he never,ever reads the forums anyway. So what was holy fucking doing starting all this ? doesn't make sense does it. Unless maybe he's using these sites as part of his CV for some nice job, and our content is fucking up his chances. Who can say ? He says he doesnt know why we use the forums, and yet doesnt give us his way of using them.

THIS WAS THE FUCKING point of the argument here for me. Do we have free speech here, or are all negative comments about a band or piece of music going to be modded out of existance in future ? don't care, am off, just reckon shifting the blame for this on myself and murray is a tad shortsighted considering all the shit thats been thrown about here, a lot of the threads I wouldn't take part in because they were.. well.. sad and hateful.

I've never posted to an alubm of the month thread before, ever, because I've never had anything good to say about the saud album. So, as that is usually the case I STFU. But I dunno, I felt like supporting Murray in his opinion as did other laters in the thread. Why dont you fucking lay into them too ?

What bugged Holy so it seems was a joke about 'mid life crisis' or did he change his mind, cant be arsed to read it again. maybe he's having his own mid life crisis.
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