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Re: :-(
Aug 02, 2003, 11:27
And er.. what the fuck have you ever offered to a debate Moonie ?

for gods sake. This is an online forum, not life and death. Please settle down. If to me the music is shite do I have to write an essay to justify my opinion ? AS said, I've had my taste attacked here, and I din't feel hurt or distressed, I didn't weep, I didn't rant at the people who did it.

Yes, Julian cope likes a lot of music I also like. Yes he also likes a lot of music which to me is shite. So, are we only supposed to debate music if we love it too ? Right, ok. I know the rules now, I'll behave. So... next time someone insults my choice in music I'm going to send a complaint about the poster to holy. what dya reckon my chances of them being poorly attacked by Holy on my behalf would be ?

Oh.. and.. yeah.. fuck off.
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