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Re: yeah well
Aug 02, 2003, 10:30
bollocks to you Holy, you don't know me.

Another thing. This is unsung, been here before ? It's not like we don't slag each others music taste off occasionally. I'm sorry, I didnt realise that Julian was immune to such things, I didn't realise we were not allowed to question his views, I won't challenge his reviews in future. Everything I say is tongue in cheek here, I don't mean to cause personal offence, I would hope that was obvious. I attacked the music and dropped the mid life crisis thing as a joke, I didn't attack the man.

If someone writes something I disagree with, adding weight to things that don't deserve any weight at all, I'm not going to just nod and smile, sorry. This is a forum, people usually discuss things on them. Sometimes they disagree strongly. See Led Zep and prog rock discussions of late if you'ld like to see examples.

I could write 2000 words on why Van Halen are shite, but whats the point if you're just going to whine about me being negative or personal.

I'm sure Julian can handle fact that a few people here don't like cock rock. I'm sure he could deal with the fact that a few of us hate it with a passion. I'm sure he doesn't need you defending him and lashing out against forum users. So sort yourself out.

Incidentally, as I said to Vybik and Nic last night Van Halens 'cradle will rock' was one of the first two singles I ever bought. But I got better.

now then group hug time and lets all go to tellytubby land.
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