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Aug 03, 2003, 22:22
Oh. And my ego isnt quite that large moonie, you've never met me and cant judge me from my posts here. elements of my music taste has been slagged off here on a few occasions and I didnt get upset by it, its how this place works after all.

I actually very rarely attack anyone, you do me a disservice there. Sure, I'll defend myself. I've only ever bitcherd in jest, unlike yo guys I'm not that insecure that I take peoples posts to a froum so dman seriously. And I will defend myself, especially when the webmaster has turned into a dickhead troll.

Look at this thread, he started the flame war here, this thread would have died naturally if he hadn't waded in. If you want to talk about someone with a holier than thou attitude check out holy. He couldn't even maintain a rational argument ffs, he changed his reasons for starting the flaming three times in his discussion with me. Eventually backing down with a witless 'well thats ok then'. He made it clear that he's embarassed by the content we provide to his glorious site, both this one and the TMA. so, fucking do it Mr holy, write a terms of service and use so we know where we actually stand and ban the people who upset you so. Oh, and employ some volunteer moderators, you've proved in this thread you're not consistent enough to be able to do that yourself.

Sure, you probably guessed, I'm leaving this forum. Whats the fucking point of dealing with bigots who wear a thin veneer of tolerance. And moonie, settled down and smile ffs, check your average posts with mine, try scoring up the negativity. And what, you could insult me without me replying ? well, yeah, that seems to be the way most of you reactionary cunts like it here. I've gone ta-ta.
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