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Re: yeah well
Aug 02, 2003, 13:16
"So what, you actually like Van Halen? Right, I get you. Irony, is it? Oh ha ha ha. Brilliant. "You really got me" there, fella."

Please decide if your going to be an adult (as the first half of your post indicates) or not ;). Julians entire championing of cock rock strikes me as Irony, oh hahaha, post modern bullshit frankly.

Yep, I liked Van Halen, and as I said, I got better. I was only ten at the time, and it was righteous rebellious music to a ten year old me. Much like slipnot is to my kids.

Yep, usually when I don't dig the album of the month
I shutup about it, check my lack of posts on the last few. I only posted to this in order to support Murrays comments, there has been an anti posture rock pro posture rock thing going on here for ages. This is just an extension of that. We're all thrashing about here wondering which direction rock should take, and some of us think going backwards isn't it. This is a VALID discussion, and as most of us are extremely passionate about music it's going to get out of hand.

What you have to realise is, that as the webmaster that when you start attacking people you're actually throwing a lot of weight around, and you end up coming accross as the thought police. So you spent 2 hours putting it up and some of us bitched.. er.. boohoo.. criticism is part of life. My work gets slagged off more than occasionally, I've never bitched back with the defence 'but, but it took me ages...'. It shouldn't touch you. If it does then it's your problem not ours.

Okay sometimes we're negative, but also a lot of the time we're very positive here. If you want to be the 'vibe police' then that's fine by me. But it will royally fuck up open discussion won't it ? 'Oh, best not post that, Holy will get upset with me'

You'ld be better off using an alias to do such things. I'm sorry, but unlike the other forums here , the people on this one rarely doff their cap to each other and go away quietly.
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