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August Album of the Month
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Re: August Album of the Month
Aug 03, 2003, 22:06
I seem to remember it getting a mild slagging from some at the time. But there weren't very many peeps here in them days - and heated slaggings hadn't really begun - all a bit sterile really...

I read thru this thread this morning and I feel a bit confused. I can't say I dig Van Halen and I don't reckon listening to them after reading the review will change that. That's been the same with some other AOTM - eg Khanate. On the other hand, some of Cope's reviews have made me reevalute albums/bands I'd not properly given time to before, and many have opened doors into new and exciting places which have been well worthwhile (if kinda expensive).
I think that's how most people here regard it - maybe there isn't as much discussion of the AOTM as there might be, and that might be a reason for some of Chris/Holy's pissed-offness.
The last one that generated a lot of post was Pawn Hearts, which a lot of people were already familiar with -I dunno how many people go out and find the record after it becomes AOTM. Maybe bands like Van Halen are easy targets cos we all know of them and therefore have a ready made opinion on their "type"

I guess I'm always happy to see what's gonna come up each month - though not always happy to like it. Looking at the last 3 years worth of reviews, it is a pretty eclectic mix and no-one is gonna dig everything there.
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