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Re: Albums of the Month Blues
Aug 04, 2003, 15:06
Goodness me. Having just walked into the middle of this little scrap, I'm glad I don't have internet access at the weekends.

My understanding of Unsung (and the reason I was so pleased to stumble across it) is that it's here to highlight music that's either literally unknown, or often more interestingly, has become rigidly defined as one thing only - and so the reviewer has to try and change minds/perspectives.

I haven't read it yet, but JC's piece on VH sounds like a prime example of the latter. Such reviews should always be applauded, even if you don't agree with the conclusions.

Debate is fine as long as it doesn't turn into personal attacks - this is literally the only message board I contribute to, so I'm not sure how common this level of 'yah boo sucks' is (OK, I'm kidding myself - it's probably the norm), but while on one hand it's kind of amusing (in the way spectating a drunken brawl can be), it's also just a bit sad. There's no other place I can find that talks about this kind of stuff, in this kind of way... but why this kind of empty grandstanding goes on, I don't know.

Final point - leave the Priest out of this! I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking that Sin After Sin is one of THE great rock (let alone 'metal') albums ever made. Errr, anybody.....?
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