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Popel Vooje
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Aug 04, 2003, 09:12
With regards to Murray, I don't know about him personally, but it has happened to other HH reviewers. Seth Man received a gigantic "Go to hell" from some fellow called yousuck (which was later removed) and my review of "Meat Puppets II" attracted a lot of criticism too (mainly from fans of the band, despite the fact that it was a glowing review, which, although containing a few Lester Bangs' inspired factual liberties, is still -IMO - the best piece of music criticism I have ever written). I guess that's the price you pay for putting your stuff on any kind of pulic forum - some love it, some don't. Whilt I think the bickering on this thread has got pretty out of hand now, and some of Stray's comments did indeed - IMO- go too far with the personal vitriol, I don't see any reason why Julian should be immune from this just because this is his fan site.
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