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Moon Cat
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Re: We all have our NOT guilty pleasures
Aug 02, 2003, 04:37
Praise be bro! I cannot be doing with this 'guilty pleasures' stuff no more!
If you like it you like it! Whats the problem? Jezooz I would wager that most of us on HH are well beyond the age of giving a rats chuff as to whats 'cool' or not...or I should bleedin' hope so.

yeah 'cool' is fine when we can talk shades and matrix coats and the theme to Shaft and things and stuff..sexycool and so on...U knoW cool even..but when it comes to a 'crippling cool cant say what I really like cool'...arse!

Cool is cool but not when its so cool its not cool anymore. You dig daddio?
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