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Climbing on Standing Stones
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Re: Climbing on Standing Stones
Mar 03, 2012, 10:25
Resonox wrote:
tjj wrote:
thesweetcheat wrote:
The Eternal wrote:
Whilst I haven't read most of the posts, those I have read have confirmed one thing: TMA members seem to be in agreement for once, which has to be good.

Hello TE, I think perhaps you need to read more of the posts. :-)

I was thinking this too tsc and dropped out of the discussion after the remark about 'old biddies taking photographs being just as much desecrators as louts ...'. Speaking as a mature female person this stung momentarily but it certainly won't stop me pursuing an activity which gives me a great deal of stimulation and enjoyment; and of course, out of respect, I won't be climbing/sitting on any ancient stones. Here's to fresh air, the walk, the buzzard overhead and the occasional sighting of deer or a fox - as we make our way to some of the more out of the way ancient sites. Keep on keeping on!!

Edit: Just in case someone says I've misquoted - this is a copy and paste of what was written ...

Not much of a rumble if everyone wants to get on to old biddies taking pictures but not the louts taking a piss.....treat 'em all as the desecrators they are!

There was no need to copy and paste you could have "quoted" the post....You are DELIBERATELY trying to fan flames...for whatever reason..I do not know...I just wish you had taken on board the sentiment of the remark rather than tried to dissemble the semantics...and as for trying to turn this whole thing into some kind of personal attack on you...it is nothing short of deplorable. I know (from past experience) there will be a crowd of people jumping to "defend you" as they do even when you don't need defending because you need constant attention...and as for playing the age card for sympathy....once again deplorable....I promised the Eds I wouldn't react to your flaming but despite my best intentions and constantly giving you the benefit of the doubt...I can only assume that you are a really sad person who needs and craves reassurances. if the Eds decide I have crossed a line I fully accept that but for someone who "feels threatened in the company of strangers and peers" to the extent of being shocked by their actions when they climb on stones..but not shocked enough to say so to them on the day....you are brave enough to ATTACK strangers on these boards behind the comfort of you keyboard...once again..DEPLORABLE!!!!
This thread is not and never was about you...but you so want it to be and for the record...I am also "of a certain age"...and I come from a background where the term "biddy" is unisex...just because you checked the OD meaning and saw it as a personal insult is no excuse to keep ranting on about it.
Once again I apologise to the Eds for not ignoring a personal attack and doubtless fanning this silly(no apology) woman's attempts at flaming...there will, as I said be countless..."let's defend poor little June" posts which will subvert the whole discussion...if I lose posting rights for DEFENDING myself against an unwarranted attack...so be it!

I make absolutely no attempt to respond to this except to say for the record at no point anywhere on this thread did I say I felt "threatened by the company of strangers or peers". Its unlikely that anyone will jump to my defence (nor would I want them too) because they have all been banned - as I'm sure you know. Am going out into the fresh air now.
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