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Climbing on Standing Stones
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Re: Climbing on Standing Stones
Feb 24, 2012, 04:42
nigelswift wrote:
tjj wrote:
My stance on these latest posts is to let sleeping dogs lie. All other issues aside I recall it was a memorable day. I had no intention of pin pointing any particular group of people or individuals. Jonnyj (whoever she/he is) has already said 'why' they examined the cap stone and absolutely no damage was done - we are talking about massive sarsen stones after all.

Yet again you've posted a nasty sideswipe at me, yet again I've dutifully not risen to the bait in accordance with the Eds requirements above and yet again (the Nth time) you've subsequently quietly removed the offensive part, leaving no visible evidence, thereby showing you knew it was unacceptable. I refer you to the top of the forum, about posting things to deliberately cause problems. I suggest you ignore me in future as I do you. It's not rocket science.

Chill Nigel, isn't that what the edit button is for. ?

You say "you've not risen to the bait" but here you are, and only you, highlighting it. !?!

I'm sure in the heat of the moment we've all typed *"nasty swipes" and even posted them, then thought better a few minutes later. ?

It's human/forum nature, and a symptom of tiny communities, and dare i say an almost incestuous mentality. :)

*I didn't see the original post so i'm using Nigels interpretation.
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