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Climbing on Standing Stones
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Re: Climbing on Standing Stones
Feb 27, 2012, 12:01
nigelswift wrote:
... in the scheme of things climbing is of minimal significance compared with the other agents of damage. But I don't think "other things cause far more damage" is a good reason not to talk about a particular problem (I've heard metal detectorists hide behind that claim a zillion times) and this thread is about the particular issue of climbing after all.

No, I agree with that and in any case discussion is a healthy thing. Really my point was that there is also a good case to record these sites, in the face of the ongoing and continual destruction caused by those other agents. Photography allows a much greater ease and range of recording than was available to Stukeley who saw the destruction of the Sanctuary for example. How great would it be to have photos showing what was actually there?

In respect of the fact that this thread is about a particular issue (i.e. climbing on stones specifically), I note that some concerns about people visiting sites for "photo opputinuties" have been raised in the hillforts clearance thread as well. It seems to me that this practice (visiting sites to take pictures) is being frowned upon in a wider context than just just standing stones.
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