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Climbing on Standing Stones
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Re: Climbing on Standing Stones
Mar 02, 2012, 23:38
juamei wrote:
Meh. Moral condemnation of climbing stones sure. Moral condemnation of those who venture far and wide to obscure sites? I think I am being tarred and feathered for something no-one said.

Like you this thread saddens me... How so many people who love monuments cannot see the obvious in front of their eyes... I am a moral absolutist, we all are ultimately, perhaps my ideals are just that much more, well ideal.

You condemned the erosion of banks (i.e. by anyone who walks on them) and you appear to me to be condemning anyone who ventures onto the mound of an upland cairn or a barrow, or are you not? You also stated that you don't care whether it causes damage or not, as in your eyes it's still wrong. That sounds like "look but don't touch" to me.

If you did not mean this, Resonox most absolutely did.

I'm not sure what "the obvious" is that I'm missing (otherwise I wouldn't be missing it). I read Gladman's eloquent posts in this thread and they raise my spirits, and for a minute I think that the point must surely have been put across. But not so.

Personally, I'm rather sick and tired of being judged and condemned. I have never been so depressed by a TMA thread (and there have been some pretty iffy ones in the past). I'm at a loss to understand how JC's own website has attracted people who must actively disapprove of so much of the sentiment that inspired the paper TMA.
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